How Leverage TikTok For Marketing Your Brand?

Brands already have to adapt their content to Google’s ever-changing preferences in order to rank higher in organic search results; this new algorithm adds another layer of complexity. TikTok has become more popular than Google among the millennial generation.

A successful TikTok marketing strategy may be the difference for businesses that want to reach Gen-Zers where they spend most of their time online. Read on as Forbes Agency Council members share their best practises for using TikTok in search marketing to reach a fresh and active audience.

Use AI to Compete with TikTok Videomakers

Gen Z wants to be able to consume content quickly and easily, preferably from people with whom they have genuine connections. In order to find the audience clusters and psychographics that organically translate brand value in short-form content, brands should use artificial intelligence to match with TikTok creators based on aesthetics and audience engagement. In exchange, brands can easily insert themselves into popular videos on TikTok.

Textual descriptions should have both a location and relevant keywords

Similar to YouTube, many creators pay less attention to the text description and more to the actual video itself. However, the algorithms behind platforms like TikTok and Instagram are increasingly looking at the description text for clues as to how to rank content. Take advantage of this by using geotagged and keyword-rich descriptions.

Make Use Of Retail Staff Members In Developing Product Information

For today’s millennials and Generation Z, social media serves as both a search engine and a storefront. Consider the virality of the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, or the popularity of an unlikely product like The Pink Stuff, a cleaning paste for hard surfaces. The possibilities are enormous. Using in-store staff to produce useful content about products and respond to frequently asked questions is an intriguing prospect in retail. Being useful, current, and genuine is what really matters.

Get Going on Building Your TikTok Capabilities for Business-to-Business

At the moment, B2B buyers aren’t particularly interested in TikTok, but that will change. So, now is the best time to work on improving your TikTok skills. Find out what problems your customers are having so that they might be interested in a product or service like yours. Make videos of 60 seconds each that specifically address each problem area and include relevant search terms. Instead of trying to sell something, try to educate. Also, make sure the videos fit in with the rest of your branding.

Request that the most popular video makers add your channel to their links

The goal is to be at the top of search results on TikTok for popular terms. Get in touch with the platform’s top creators, who produce the most popular videos, and ask if you can seed your product or service to them. Request that they edit the description of their most popular videos to include a link to your website.

Confront and debunk a common myth about your business sector

As a unique strategy for using TikTok for search marketing, brands can begin their videos by dispelling a common myth about a product or brand related to their own. Once you’ve established that it’s not true, you can elaborate on why with supporting evidence. This strategy will help your business stand out as an industry leader and improve your visibility online.

Think about incorporating pertinent visual search elements

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Brands should think about how users might be searching on TikTok, beyond simple hashtags and keywords, into visual content cues, because it is a short-form, visual channel. Think about how the user might use visual search features, such as objects, spaces, and environments, to locate your content that meets their needs.

Optimize your TikTok videos for search engines

Because of Google’s strict algorithm, it became difficult for bloggers to achieve success unless they produced extremely in-depth posts that readers showed little interest in reading. TikTok is an alternative to this, as it offers users instant video solutions to common problems like how to crack an egg or debone a quail. TikTok users who use search engine optimization techniques will have a leg up on the competition.

Make Content That Is Easy To Consume And Is Suitable For Any Occasion

To reimagine event-based advertising, think of TikTok. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client, observe the kinds of media they enjoy, and search for the times of day, months, and seasons when your brand or product could be useful to them. With these nuggets of information in hand, you can design content that is both easily consumable and relevant to the recipient on a deeper level, regardless of the medium.

Turn Your Blogs Into Videos

TikTok is a video-based search engine where users enter queries similar to those used on Google, but are returned results in the form of a 60-second clip rather than a wall of text. Use the same method you would on Google: Learn what people are searching for and tailor your content to their needs.

Try Your Hand at Making New and Popular Music Sounds

Many businesses ignore the potential of popular music. Trending sounds are used by everyone to try to get their articles to the top of the feed. A company can use this opportunity to test the waters by producing potentially viral sounds, and later use their authoritative position to get more of their brand and product content out there.

Make Ads With TikTok and Use Captions As Visual Hooks

Promote your business by disseminating brief video clips that highlight the advantages of using your product. Get your content found with hashtags. Captions can serve as visual hooks in your short videos. Join forces with popular users on the platform to increase your brand’s exposure. In addition, you can advertise on TikTok to people who aren’t already familiar with your company.