The Complete Guide: How To Use TikTok For Real Estate Agents?

TikTok was once thought of as a place where only teenagers could share silly dance videos for amusement, but it is now being used by many professionals as a potent source of new customers. It’s high time that real estate agents stopped being closed minds and started seeing what TikTok can do for their industry.

With more than a billion users every month, the app has been adopted by professionals in a wide range of fields, including the real estate market.

First time using TikTok?

If you’ve never used TikTok before, you’ll need to create an account before you can start using it. Like many other downloadable apps, you can sign up for an account with just your email address, phone number, or even your existing social media profile (Facebook or Google).

Picking a Login Name

Maintaining consistent branding across all of your company’s platforms is essential. You need your target market to be able to easily find you, and you need people who are unfamiliar with your brand to immediately grasp what it is that you do. Therefore, it is preferable to incorporate the words “realtor” or “real estate” into your name, along with the location you cover.

Unlike some other sites and apps, TikTok makes it simple to swap out your username whenever you like.

What’s the deal with TikTok?

If you’re unfamiliar with the app, take some time to learn how it works before making any posts. TikTok, like many other social media-like platforms, displays a feed of posts by the accounts you’re currently following, along with some suggested content based on your interests.

The ‘Following’ tab displays updates from the people you’ve chosen to follow, while the ‘For You’ tab provides personalised content recommendations.

Utilizing the TikTok Algorithms

TikTok’s algorithm-driven, rapid-fire feed of video content on the ‘For You’ page is one of the reasons the app has become so popular and useful for real estate agents.
TikTok’s For You feed is customised for each user based on their location, interests, search history, and interactions with online advertisers. New users can make content that has the potential to reach a wide audience and even go viral without paying for promotion or having a large following in place, as these metrics determine what content TikTok feeds to its users.

Here Are 5 Suggestions For Real Estate Professionals Who Want to Explore TikTok

TikTok is the newest and potentially most effective of the many real estate marketing strategies currently in use. If you want to succeed and get a lot of attention for yourself and your listings, follow our 9 simple steps.

To begin, you might want to think about hunkering down

The algorithms and patterns of popularity on TikTok make it an ideal venue for finding your niche in the property market. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings are one niche that you could choose to specialise in. Even if you choose to appeal to a wide variety of consumers, you can still tailor your content to specific subsets of your audience, like investors or first-time homebuyers.

Use previously created content in new ways

Thinking about what you already have that could be repurposed is a good place to start when making the leap into creating your own content.

Since you’re probably already creating video content for your property listings and posting it to sites like Zillow, Redfin, or even Facebook Marketplace for rentals, you probably have plenty of material you could adapt for TikTok. Repurposing content from other platforms like Instagram or YouTube is another option; in fact, any content that can be edited into a great TikTok video should be used. After all, editing is already half the battle.

Think Outside the Box

You can get the ball rolling by repurposing any existing video content you may have, but to increase your chances of gaining an audience on TikTok, it is essential that your content be highly engaging. Famously short video clips that get right to the point while entertainingly conveying information or messages are the hallmark of the TikTok platform.

To be Camera Shy Is Acceptable

TikTok is a great tool for people who are uncomfortable in front of the camera or who have trouble expressing themselves verbally. Quirky content is the norm on TikTok, and its users expect and enjoy it.

If you feel comfortable in front of the camera, go ahead and practise your conversation and performance skills. If you lack self-assurance, however, you can still produce interesting content without putting yourself centre stage. Many real estate agents, for instance, prefer to upload content in which the main points are presented in text blocks rather than being delivered directly to the camera. Anything goes on TikTok, so the agent’s background could be pictures of the property or the agent could be doing the latest dance craze.

Keep it Real

TikTok is unlike other platforms in that its users prefer unfiltered content to that which has been heavily edited. The ability to let loose and enjoy yourself on stage is more important than any innate talent you may have as a performer, speaker, etc.

What Real Estate Professionals Should Know About TikTok Finally

TikTok’s peculiarities have put off many professionals, like real estate agents, who could benefit from using it. It is not immediately apparent as a place to conduct serious business due to its reputation for quirky, light, and fun content. However, there are a plethora of options for producing high-quality content that is appropriate for the site and also interesting to the reader.

Agents in the real estate industry are quickly learning the site’s vast potential for expansion of their client base.