Streaming Live on TikTok: The Ultimate Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to learn how to broadcast live on TikTok? You’ve struck gold.

Going live is a terrific method to boost interaction and exposure, and it can also be a lot of fun and bring people closer together in the app in real time.

TikTok Lives may be used in an infinite variety of ways, such as to share BTS material, host Q&As, or promote impending product releases.

Here is a step-by-step guide to going live on TikTok, as well as 10 best practises, directly from TikTok HQ to help you get started.

TikTok Live – Definition:

TikTok Live is a function that allows users to interact with their viewers in real-time through video.
TikTok Lives provide marketers and creators with a new method to engage a wider audience and interact with their current one through everything from culinary demonstrations to cosmetics instructions.

Plus, viewers may tip producers during live broadcasts by sending virtual gifts that can be redeemed for real money (more on that later).

In-Depth Instructions on Going Live on TikTok

To air at last! In just four steps, you may make your debut in the real world:

  • First, launch TikTok and hit the “+” camera symbol to go live:
  • Click the “LIVE” button on the screen’s bottom navigation bar in Step 2.
  • Step 3: Pick a picture, give your livestream a name (you can always modify this), decide on a subject (this is completely optional), and decide what you hope to accomplish with it.
  • Step #4: The moment you hit “Go LIVE,” your followers will be alerted that you’ve gone live:
  • Stop recording at any time by clicking the “X” in the upper left corner of the screen to end the live broadcast.

You may change the orientation of the camera while broadcasting, apply filters to user comments, and even bring on moderators (up to 20).

To broadcast live on TikTok, how many fans do you need?

Not everyone is welcome to participate in TikTok’s Live function.

TikTok’s live style necessitates two things from its users:

Creators and companies must be at least 18 years old.

The minimum number of followers is 1,000.

Is There a Way to Monetize TikTok Live?

In a nutshell, sure.

Presents is a tool that allows viewers to show their support for you as you host a live video by sending you virtual gifts that can be redeemed for money.

Brands and artists may promote their goods and generate significant revenues during TikTok Lives.

Half of all TikTok users have bought something after being inspired by a TikTok Live.

If you don’t feel confident enough to conduct your own TikTok Live, corporations and businesses may still sponsor a creator’s Live and reach an already engaged audience. Cha-ching.

Strategies for Streaming on TikTok

The following are some suggestions from TikTok to keep in mind while crafting your Live approach so that your content may shine:

One of the Best Methods: Scheduling
Start broadcasting live when people in your target demographic are most likely to be using the service.

If you want to increase your chances of being included on TikTok’s For You page, streaming while the app is actively being scrolled is your best bet.

If you want to know when your app’s users are most active, bookmark this page. When You Should Upload Videos to TikTok in 2023

Second-Best Practice: Timing
Lives may last as long as you like, but 30 minutes seems to be the sweet spot, according to TikTok.

Tip #3: Keep Moving
Put up a video preview before you start broadcasting live. If someone watches your video when it’s streaming live, they’ll be able to access your stream with a simple click of an icon.

Lighting is the fourth best practise because it may make a huge impact in the overall quality of your film.

Set up your Live broadcast in a well-lit space, either using natural light or a ring light.

Sound is your friend

Try to limit the amount of ambient noise.

The best way to ensure your audience can hear you well is to broadcast from a location free of background noise.

Internet Connection, Best Practice No. 6

Hosting a successful broadcast requires a constant connection to the Internet.

Purchasing high-quality products and doing thorough testing before to launch are essential.

Principle 7: Optimize Your Camera’s Perspective

If you move around too much while streaming, you can get motion sickness.

Get your phone or camera into a fixed position and leave it there for the length of the broadcast.

Advised Method No. 8: Map It Out

While a script isn’t required for a live stream, having a game plan in place may help you remain on track and engage your audience.

Using cue cards or outlining a sequence of talking topics will help you stay on target.

Tip #9: Keep Your Listeners Interested

The most exciting element of doing a TikTok Live is chatting with your viewers in real time.

Keeping an eye on the conversation and responding to questions, comments, and requests can help you build rapport with your audience.

Tip #10: Moderate Your Live Content creators may moderate their streams by filtering comments, silencing commenters, and blocking viewers. We bid you farewell, trolls.

Going live is a powerful tool for building your brand’s reputation, attracting new customers, and closing sales.

More significantly, though, it facilitates personal interaction within the local community.

Put yourself out there by going live on TikTok and enjoying the attention you receive.