When Is Perfect Time To Post On Instagram?

Developing a winning social media strategy is gratifying, and not only because it increases your profile’s popularity. Instagram is frequently a crucial part of the success of businesses and company owners all over the world, as social media has become an increasingly significant marketing tool.

Since Instagram Reels have become so popular, it’s crucial for every Instagram marketer to master the art of making them. Instagram Reels users that consistently produce high-quality videos, use trending hashtags, and engage with their audience tend to have the most success.

Knowing when to publish your Reels is also crucial, since doing so may boost interaction and, in turn, your post’s position in the algorithm. In order to determine when it is most effective to upload Instagram Reels, we analysed data from a wide variety of reputable sources, analytics tools, and reports.

When do the majority of Instagram accounts post their highlight reels?

Instagram Reels fare best when posted about 1 PM EST (10 AM PST).

But this time might change greatly depending on things like your target demographic, the nature of the material you’re sharing, the day of the week, and a host of other variables. Before going to work, some Instagram users seem to be more active on the platform. The above Instagram Reel example may do well in the mornings since it caters to those who are searching for quick fashion advice as they rush to get ready for work.

The majority of other users save their scrolling for the weekend afternoons, when they have more free time. Data analysis led us to conclude that 1 PM EST is the optimal time to publish Instagram Reels.

Is There a Best Time of Day to Post Instagram Reels?

It’s true that certain days see higher activity on Instagram Reels than others. Our data shows that Mondays and Tuesdays are the most popular for Instagram Reels interaction, although this again mostly depends on your demographic and niche. In addition, these days saw the maximum activity on Instagram Reels on the 1 PM time window on Thursday and Friday, and the early morning hours of roughly 6-10 AM EST tend to garner the most interaction on these days.

The Instagram Reels example shown below, for instance, is likely to receive a high volume of views on Friday, when people are winding down for the weekend.
Keep in mind that the optimum times and days to publish on Instagram Reels are different from those recommended for regular Instagram posts.

When to Post Your Instagram Reels for Maximum Engagement?

Instagram Reels are most often posted at 1 PM EST, however this timing may not resonate with your audience. For instance, if your target demographic has a conventional 9-to-5 job, they probably won’t be checking Instagram between 9 and 5.

Determine the best times to post by thinking about your target demographic.

Analytics for Instagram

We recommend starting with Instagram’s own Insights first. To have access to Insights, a business account is required. Then:

To view insights, choose the icon and then Insights.
Select Total Followers, then look for the area labelled Most Active Times.
To find out when your target audience is online, you may toggle between the Hours and Days filters.
An audience may, for instance, interact with content at about the same weekly frequency. However, the Hours filter might reveal that interaction varies throughout the day. You may use this information to determine peak activity times, such as Mondays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

This data, however, covers all sorts of postings because Instagram does not differentiate audience engagement between posts and Reels. You may go more specific by checking out the Content analysis in Insights. Select a Reel to display its interaction metrics and to evaluate them alongside those of other Reels. Take into account when you uploaded them and when your audience engaged with them the most.

Keep Your Target Market in Mind

Second, try to imagine what it would be like to be a member of your target audience. When do you think they’ll see each other the most? Instagram is a popular app that many educators use in the mornings and nights before and after school. A bartending audience, on the other hand, could be more likely to watch your Reels in the early afternoon, between the hours of 12 and 4 p.m., before they get to work.

Ask Your Target Market

Share a photo on Instagram with a description that encourages comments from your followers. When do they typically check Instagram? When do they have the most free time to check out your Reels? The data you collect should be used to fine-tune your approach to better meet the expectations and demands of your target market.


Finally, you should try different times to post to your Instagram Reel to see what works best. If you want to see how different publishing times perform, do split testing over the course of a week or two. After your free trial ends, head over to Insights to see how well each article performed.

Acquire More Followers On Instagram

There are several Instagram tricks that can help you get followers, not only making and sharing high-quality Instagram Reels at optimal times. Adding the Instagram follow button to your website or blog is a simple, time-saving move that will immediately begin attracting new followers.