Instagram’s Activity Status And How To Disable It

Be wary of your pals seeing the last time you were online on Instagram, a function available on the popular photo-sharing app.

Instagram’s “Activity Status” feature is similar to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp’s in that it displays the last time you used the app. Your account currently has it disabled by default, but you should probably enable it anyway.

What really happens when you update your Instagram activity status?

You may let the individuals you’ve DM’d know when you were last online and if you’re still active on Instagram by using the “activity status” option.

Only those who are following you will see your status updates. Therefore, if you receive a follow request but do not return the favor, the requestor will be unable to see your updates. Your close buddies are in the same boat. If they follow you back, you may view their last online time.

When you go into a conversation with a buddy via direct messaging, you may see their current state.

Keep in mind that this function simply displays your online status and the time and date of your most recent app use. Likes and comments are received you make on posts won’t be visible to your friends.

Not sure if you should disable it or not? Find out if you ought to turn activity status on or off by reading on.

Is it best to always have activity status turned on?

Keeping it on has a few advantages. You can check in on your pals’ internet activity without feeling invasive. In this method, you can be sure that your friend will see your hilarious meme either straight away or very soon after you send it.

However, turning it off has the major advantage of allowing you to use Instagram in secret. That means you can respond to direct messages whenever you choose, without worrying that someone is monitoring your app usage. The one negative is that you will no longer be able to see other people’s activity status once you have disabled the option.

Don’t worry if you don’t want anybody to know about your secret habit of scrolling through endless pet pictures late at night. Here are the simple actions you need to take to disable Instagram’s activity status function.

Disabling Activity Status and Its Effects

  • Launch Instagram on your mobile device.
  • To access your profile, choose it from the bottom navigation bar and tap your profile photo.
  • Use the drop-down arrow in the top right corner to access the menu.
  • Select the “Setting” option from the menu.
  • To adjust your personal information settings, select Privacy.
  • Select Activity Status from the drop-down menu labelled Interactions.
  • Turn off the option to Show Activity Status by clicking on it.

Turning it off will allow you to continue scrolling without being seen. What’s even better? If you change your mind, simply flip the switch.

You may maintain your anonymity by disabling your activity status.

It’s already challenging enough to maintain your social media. If you don’t want the people you’ve direct messaged to see your recent activity, you may disable this feature. That way, you may use the software in complete secrecy.