Vista Social Allows You To Pre-Schedule Instagram Videos Including Popular Music.

Vista Social allows you to schedule the publication of Reels including popular audio tracks on Instagram.

We are ecstatic to announce that our social media management platform is the first to be granted permission to directly upload Instagram Reels including popular music.

To reach new followers on Instagram, Instagram Reels has shown to be more effective than any other short-form video tool.

What’s wrong? Up until now, businesses haven’t had access to Instagram’s hot audio content.

Can You Plan Ahead for Reels That Feature Hot Music?

Yes! However, you will need to use a third-party programme to do this. When it comes to managing your social media accounts, Vista Network is the first one to include trending music as a feature.

There is now a media library available to corporate and creator accounts, stocked with popular tunes and innovative compositions.

Instagram business and artist profiles can: Automate Reels with trending music using Vista Social

  • Use Vista Social’s in-built content production tools, such as VistaCreate, to make your own Reels.
  • Organize and run campaigns through several channels. Vista Social allows you to predetermine the optimal moment for the automatic publication of your short films.
  • Use in-depth statistics, such as data on your competitors, in addition to the standard 90-day measures.
  • You may listen to a huge selection of the hottest audio on Instagram.
  • You may fine-tune your tactics right in Vista Social’s control panel.

When it comes to trending audio and direct publication for Reels, Vista Social is the first and only authorised site.

Other social networking management programmes just provide timed posts, scheduled notifications, or scheduling, and don’t include trending audio.

Reasons to Use Vista Social’s Reel Feature with Hot Tracks

Trending Audio Is Available For Commercial Accounts

Yes, you read that correctly. Vista Social’s trending audio may be used by Instagram business and creative accounts.

The popularity of trending audio on Reels has made it challenging for marketers to capitalise on Instagram’s trending content.

However, restrictions on business accounts are no longer necessary. With Vista Social’s brand-new Trending Audio feature, you can finally:

Reel and TikToks with hot new music may be scheduled now.

  • Find the most popular tracks and audio effects on TikTok and Instagram in a flash.
  • Include sound in your next blog post by adding it to your media library.
  • Create folders and name your audio files so you can easily find the files you need for certain clients, companies, or projects.
  • Not finding any appealing sound files? Use one of the numerous methods to bring in your own:

Upload from computer: Add any MP3/WAV files from your computer to your collection of media for easy access.
Simply paste the URL of an audio file, MP4/MOV file, or TikTok video into the box provided, and we’ll do the rest.
Listen to the latest viral tracks using Instagram hashtags: To listen to the most recent Instagram audio postings, enter a hashtag and then save the file to your computer’s Media Library.
Listen to the most popular songs posted on Instagram: To listen to the most recent Instagram posts, enter a username and then save the recording to your Media Library.

Improved Regularity of Updates

It’s more crucial than ever to maintain a regular posting schedule on Instagram now that the app’s redesigned home Feed has full-screen Reels.

Instagram’s algorithms like reels with popular audio and promote them extensively around the platform.

In that case, what does this imply for you?

Instagram’s Explore page and the algorithm both favour reels, so using them is a great way to get your content seen and expand your audience.

Building trust with your fans and raising the likelihood that your Reel will be featured on the Explore page requires committing to a regular publishing schedule for your Reels.

Thirdly, Obtaining In-Depth Analytics

Instagram accounts, both corporate and creative, have access to analytics on the success of their Reels.

Your piece of engagement and conversations go far deeper than what is seen here.

With Vista Social’s direct publishing support for Reels, you can monitor, analyze, and improve your Reels‘ performance from a single, user-friendly interface.

Create individualised reports and send them off to your manager or other stakeholders in a snap. You may generate reports in Vista Social for:

  • This study analyses the efficacy of all of your social media channels.
  • This report examines how well your material did after it was released.
  • The report’s primary emphasis is on reviews, ratings, and replies to those reviews.
  • How well your team accomplishes its tasks is reflected in this report.
  • Analysis of the Competition: Analyze how your brand stacks up against the competition.
  • With the help of Vista Social’s analytics, you can make more engaging Instagram Reels by using audio that is currently popular among users.

These figures have the potential to radically alter not only your approach to Reels, but your content strategy as a whole.

Figure Out What Could Go Viral

At least a single of your Reels probably saw a spike in activity since it was appreciated by the Explore page’s algorithm and featured there.

Using Vista Social for handling your Reels will provide you access to in-depth data that will reveal the common threads between your most popular articles.

Keep the Conversation and Comments Civil

Recent data shows that 22% more people watch Reels than regular videos.

It’s easy to lose track of messages and comments on your account when activity levels are high.

Manage your Instagram comments and discussions with Vista Social’s Social Inbox for easy follower interaction.

Our platform provides real-time analytics on profile and video data, allowing you to assess performance, optimise strategy, and gaining a audience and their engagement.