Improving Your Instagram Stories Using Data Analysis

Understanding Instagram analytics, also known as Insights, is a crucial first step for any marketer planning to expand their brand’s presence on the photo-sharing app. Analytics data for individual articles, Stories, Reels, films, Live videos, and more are all at your fingertips. With this data at your disposal, you’ll be able to fine-tune your content strategy, boost engagement with your core audience, expand your reach, and much more.

Utilizing Instagram analytics software or social media management software

Instagram Stories stats may be easily accessed with your overall Instagram statistics using a number of digital marketing tools. One promising new social media platform that can provide in-depth analysis is called provides a one hub from which to oversee all of your social media operations, from content creation and scheduling to competition analysis, audience engagement, and analytics tracking.

Tips for improving your Instagram Story’s engagement with the use of data

If you want to write better stories, consider these suggestions.

Tease apart your content plan.

Find the best-performing stories and analyse why they performed so well. Is it any sort of test, quiz, movie, picture, or sticker that you may engage with? Since Stories allow you to express your individuality, you may try several approaches to standing out from the crowd.

Focus on the people you’re speaking to.

Examine the results of any polls, quizzes, or links included in the stories, as well as the reactions of your followers. The feedback you receive may be used to enhance both your content and your offering. For instance, while conducting a survey, you should ask participants’ preferences in a straightforward manner.

Insights from Instagram

Instagram Insights now has access to data from Instagram Stories.

Access your account page on Instagram. (make sure it is a business or a creator account).

You may access Insights either by tapping the button labelled “Insights” or by selecting “Insights” from the menu (Menu) located in the app’s upper right corner.

Scroll down to view Shared Content created by you. You can see how many articles, Stories, Reels, movies, Live videos, etc. you’ve shared in this section.

All of your published works are accessible from this page. You may customise the chronology to fit your needs; the default setting is the recent seven days. A time span of up to two years is covered.

The Instagram Stories statistic may be found in the top left corner of the screen. Select the measure of interest by tapping the corresponding down arrow.

Don’t forget to log your hashtags.

One of the simplest and most effective methods to consistently produce fresh material is to repost user-generated content. Since you probably won’t always be explicitly tagged in brand-related posts or articles, it’s important to keep tabs on the hashtags used and promoted by your business. Hashtag research and brand tracking can help in this regard.

Closing Remarks

Marketers and consumers alike have taken notice of Instagram Stories due to the platform’s vast possibilities and open creative brief. The time is now to analyse your Instagram stories data and use that information to further your marketing objectives.

Keeping track of each measure can become time-consuming when numerous stories are published daily. The proper strategic decisions may be made more quickly and easily with the aid of social media management solutions, which aggregate all essential indicators on a single dashboard.