Instagram SEO In 2023: Ten Proven Strategies For Expanded Influence

Just what is Instagram’s version of SEO?

Instagram SEO refers to the process of enhancing your posts so that they appear higher in relevant user searches. You want your Instagram account or content to rank highly when users type keywords relevant to your brand into the app’s search bar. Search engine optimisation strategies can get you there.

Is Instagram SEO really that crucial, and why?

At one point in time, hashtags and the Explore page on Instagram were the primary means through which users came across new material to like. Those times have passed. Instagram (and other social media) users now utilise search to locate specific content.

Here are some Instagram SEO strategies to expand your audience.

Optimise your Instagram posts using search engine optimisation keywords

Find out what people type into search engines to find material like yours, and utilise those phrases in your descriptions.

Google Trends may help you find similar keywords to try in your Instagram posts, and Google Analytics will show you which keywords are bringing people to your website for free.

Use hashtags that are optimised for search engines.

That is something that has to be considered in light of your target market and business goals. Check up your Instagram Insights to see which hashtags are currently bringing in the most views and likes for your photos. The percentage of a post’s total impressions that originated from hashtags may be found in the post’s Insights.

Instagram analytics won’t tell you which hashtags were most effective if you’ve used several. Sticking to the suggested three to five hashtags will let you see which ones are most effective over time in terms of engagement.

Make sure your alt text is as effective as possible

Instagram’s automated photo descriptions for screen reader users are generated with the use of object recognition technology. The Instagram search engine and algorithm can use this data to better understand the context of your photo.

The robotic alt text can never match the quality of the alt text a person would write, of course. Here is the alternative text that Instagram created for one of my photos.

Caption your videos.

Instagram’s video captions are created automatically, which is wonderful for inclusivity. Subtitling your videos with your goal keywords is a great way to boost SEO, both on Instagram and in traditional search engines.

Subtitles provide a significantly more in-depth understanding of your video’s content to search engines than captions alone.

Time your updates properly

Timely posting is crucial for generating early engagement, which in turn affects the signal used to calculate popularity. If you want your material to rank well in search engines when it’s still relevant and fresh, you need to know when to upload it.

The Best Time to Publish option in Hootsuite (located in Analytics) will inform you the optimal times to make Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok posts. Recommendations are generated based on your historical data and your specific target audience’s social media behaviour.

Focus on your speciality.

All of the advice we’ve given thus far is applicable to specific topics. Next, we’ll go through several strategies for raising your profile’s search rankings.

Instagram’s search tool is optimised to provide users with the most pertinent results. Having an overarching theme for your account is one method to show that you’re relevant. Pick a certain field, and stick to it, publishing articles that address the same set of keywords.

Include a place in your bio

If the location of your firm is important, you should include it in your bio. The ability to add a location is exclusive to Business accounts, therefore if you don’t currently have one, upgrading is highly recommended.

You may improve your Instagram bio’s search engine optimisation by opening the app and tapping the profile button. Select Contact Settings under Profile Editing. You may be as particular or as vague as you wish when entering your address. If asked, please provide your full street address; otherwise, only the city will do.

Interact with popular accounts for your niche keywords

Instagram uses user activity as a ranking indication, so interacting with popular accounts that are already ranking for your goal keywords can help the platform determine where your profile best belongs.

But beyond that, interacting with other Instagram users is an effective strategy for drawing their attention and getting them to follow you. This is a simple method of gaining clout in both user interaction and popularity rankings, which has been emphasised several times. It’s also an Instagram excellent practise in general.

Do as instructed in the guidelines suggested

Instagram takes into account its Recommendations Guidelines while displaying search results. Accounts that do not follow these rules will be penalised in search results or removed entirely.

Remember that the Standards for Recommendations are stricter than the Standards for the Community as a whole. Basically, if you break Instagram’s Community Guidelines, all of your post will be deleted. Your content will still be on the platform, but it will be less discoverable if you violate the Recommendations Guidelines.

Take into account Meta Verified (Artists only)

Social “boosted awareness & visibility with importance in certain parts of the platform” (which includes search, feedback, and suggestions) is part to an extra validation package which Meta has begun evaluating.

Only in Australia and New Zealand is Meta Verified currently in beta. Some people are upset about the program’s cost, and it’s not obvious where this is headed. But it’s something to keep in mind for the possible boost in visibility in search engines.