Feeling discouraged because you’ve been trying to draw attention to your Instagram account but to no avail? It’s natural to encounter roadblocks while trying to expand your customer base, given that there are millions of businesses on the internet and potentially hundreds of them competing in your industry.

Tips for Increasing Your Instagram Followers Organically

Follow these search engine optimisation (SEO) tips to increase your visibility and attract more potential followers to your account.

Make Use of Powerful Instagram Apps

Instagram account managers frequently use Instagram advertisements as a means of expanding their fan bases. Although this strategy makes a lot of sense, you may discover more efficient ways to reach potential audiences, such as through the use of Instagram applications.

A long time ago, people would employ automated systems or pay for followers on Instagram. The clever and ever-evolving Instagram algorithm has rendered this possibility obsolete. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some help with your Instagram advertising. In reality, there are improved offerings from Instagram follower applications that provide fresh answers to advertising challenges. In order to boost your chances of ranking well in Instagram’s search engine, many of them employ human specialists rather than bots, which reduces the risk of being blacklisted by Instagram. Instagram follower applications can also attract highly targeted users who are more likely to become paying clients.

Careful attention should be paid just to selecting the appropriate service. You’re probably aware that there are millions of websites that provide this functionality. It’s important to choose Instagram SEO tools with caution, since using the wrong ones might really harm your page instead of helping it.

Think Before You Hashtag

Hashtags are useful for your Instagram’s search engine optimisation, but they don’t lead to very exciting levels of interaction. Hashtags remain one of the most effective methods of being found on Instagram, despite their apparent simplicity. Hashtags may be helpful if used properly, despite the fact that their misuse is part of the problem.

The key to a successful hashtagging strategy on Instagram is finding the right balance between different types of hashtags. And where can I find that equation? It all relies on things like your niche, your audience, and the nation in which you reside. Therefore, you may need to try several combinations of hashtags until you find the one that works best for you. Nonetheless, you can benefit from some broad recommendations. Consider these statistics if your content has room for 30 hashtags:

  • Hashtags in general use: 15–17
  • Hashtags for the brand: 10–12
  • Hashtags used to describe: 4-5
  • Hashtags for locations: 1-3

Take Advantage of Geotags

Did you know that the Instagram search engine prioritises local results when you type in a phrase? Instagram highlights local establishments in order to provide its users with a more convenient service. If you were looking for a bakery and typed “bakery” into your search box, local bakeries could come up first.

Local clients are the lifeblood of any small business, and this Instagram SEO trick is a wonderful way to reach them.

So, before you press that share button on Instagram, make sure you’ve included the geotag. And remember, particular geotags improve your chances of finding local clients. If you’re trying to be noticed in a city like New York, where there are hundreds of bakeries, focusing on a certain neighbourhood might help. You may use Google Maps or add your own location to it. Customers will appreciate how simple it is to include you in their Instagram posts by using this method. In order to increase exposure, you should connect your Instagram page with your other local company listings.

Include Relevant Search Terms in Username and Name Displayed

As many companies may overlook it, this Instagram SEO technique is a true treasure. Keywords are the backbone of every enterprise. So, if you own a seafood restaurant, your primary keyword would be “restaurant.” To improve your search engine rankings, include your main keyword in both your username and display name (the title that displays under your username in the search results and above your bio).

Put in More Video

Instagram videos are now trending highly. In fact, Instagram videos get twice as many likes as images, so using them may greatly increase your engagement. Despite the rapidity with which Instagram users read their feeds, they often take their time watching videos. Users of Instagram’s newest video-sharing feature, IGTV, spend significantly more time watching videos than they did previously (80% more, to be precise).