An Ultimate Guide: IGTV To Boost Your Brand

Need some inspiration for brand promotion on Instagram TV? Here are 10 great concepts for Instagram TV, along with sample videos. You can now get down to the business of making great videos for your IGTV Channel.
Instagram has been focusing heavily on video as of late. The average daily time spent on Instagram has increased to 32 minutes thanks to the introduction of Instagram Stories.
And Instagram has just released a new feature called IGTV (or Instagram TV) that will revolutionise the way users view Instagram videos.

Just what is Instagram TV (IGTV)?

IGTV is a new app in the Instagram ecosystem made for watching lengthier videos in portrait orientation.

Since most of us naturally hold our phones vertically, this is the most comfortable orientation in which to view videos. Videos may be seen without having to rotate the phone.
My impression is that IGTV is like YouTube, but for vertical videos. Instagram lets you view photos and videos from the accounts you follow. The software also provides recommendations for similar videos based on your viewing history.

Let’s have a look at the requirements for your IGTV video before we go into some IGTV Concepts:

The IGTV Requirements

Instagram’s IGTV feature promotes the use of vertical videos in their entirety. Videos uploaded to IGTV follow the same format as Instagram Stories. When creating videos for IGTV, bear in mind the following requirements:

  • Instagram TV videos must have a 9:16 aspect ratio. Therefore, you may wish to use a 1920 x 1080 pixel aspect ratio for your films.
  • Instagram TV only allows videos to be 15 seconds or longer. Shorter videos of up to 10 minutes are acceptable for more modest accounts. It’s a substantial increase from the previous limits of 15 seconds for Stories and 60 seconds for in-feed videos, and it gives producers more leeway to experiment.
  • Video posts up to 60 minutes in length are permitted for accounts with more than 10,000 followers. You’ll need to use a computer to upload it, as Instagram won’t let you use your phone to do so for a video of that length. Which makes perfect sense, given how long it will take you to do it on your phone. Even with a limited account, you have 10 minutes to express your tale through video.

Tips for Creating a Viral Video on IGTV

Instagram appears to have the simplest video-making tutorial process compared to other platforms. Instagram is about connecting with others and having conversations.

Your first IGTV video doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just record yourself talking to the camera.

However, IGTV, like any other platform, has its own set of guidelines and best practises that users should adhere to. You should probably do this if you want your IGTV videos to do well.

Make sure the video is being shot vertically

The focus of IGTV is on vertical video. But you’d be astonished at how many people continue to upload films in the old-fashioned landscape orientation. Because of this, viewers will need to turn their phone (or their head) upside down in order to see the video properly.

Keep Your Video Short

The 60-minute limit may lead you to believe that IGTV has replaced YouTube, but this is not the case. Being a mobile-first platform, consumers will eventually become bored holding their phones for an extended period of time to view an IGTV video.

Instead, I could suggest that you limit the length of your films to no more than 5 minutes. Swiping to the next video is too simple. Make an effort to be succinct.

Use complementary colours to make your videos more appealing.
If you only have a landscape-oriented video, you may still use IGTV. The secret is to select a background that goes with your captions.

Instagram Video Concepts for Ads

Prepared to start making videos for Instagram TV? Here are 10 suggestions for content to share on Instagram TV, along with free templates to get you started. And they work great with Instagram Stories!


A question-and-answer session is a great method to get to know your audience and provide them the information they want to hear.

If you want to know what your viewers want as YOU, you can ask them directly in Stories by using the new Question sticker. And then do an IGTV episode in which you respond to these inquiries.

Preview a New Podcast Every Week

Instagram is a fantastic place to spread the word about your podcast. A podcaster making a video for Instagram TV might use it to advertise themselves and their show.

Create a video preview of your upcoming podcast episode and encourage viewers to subscribe on iTunes or your preferred platform.

Exercise Schedule

About 25 million people in the United States do their workouts in the comfort of their own homes. In order to reach an audience no matter where they may be, posting a fitness routine on IGTV is a great idea.

Speeding up your video might make it more interesting to watch. In addition, the video should have subtitles that state the total number of repetitions.

Unseen Footage

Posting film from behind the scenes is a great way to show your brand in a new light. People are inherently interested, therefore they enjoy participating in and observing the production of goods.
Quick Tip: Inspire your staff to document the workplace and daily operations via smartphone film. Behind-the-scenes film is always useful to have on hand. When you’re at a loss for what to share on Instagram TV, this is one of your fallback options.