An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Advertising

Instagram’s visual format has made it a useful marketing tool for some time now. And as one of the most recent social media networks to provide paid advertising alternatives, its value has increased significantly.

Instagram advertising is a terrific method to expand your reach, especially if a large portion of your target group is comprised of young people. Instagram’s advertising possibilities are still in their infancy, so there’s no better time to try out new strategies and gain a leg up on the competition.

And if you’ve ever managed a Facebook advertising campaign, you’ll find the procedure to be quite similar.
Create a company profile on Facebook and an Instagram account.

You need a Facebook business page in order to promote your Instagram account.

Advertisement production can begin once you have one.

But first, you need sign up for Instagram and keep it updated. To promote your business on Instagram, you may technically get by without having an account there.

If a person comes across your brand for the first time when browsing their feed, it’s probable that they’ll want to check out the rest of your profile. A lack of an account raises suspicions that you are merely interested in using the site to sell anything.

Having an active Instagram account is a terrific approach to engage with your target audience and win their loyalty in today’s competitive marketplace.

To link your Facebook business page and Instagram account, simply navigate to your Facebook page and choose “Settings.” In Instagram’s settings, go to “Instagram Ads” and then “Add an Account.”

Use Ad Creation or Power Editor to make your ad

After linking your Facebook and Instagram profiles, you’ll be able to utilise either the Power Editor or the Ad Creation tool to make advertisements.

Although there are some significant differences between the two, I would suggest Ad Creation unless you want to produce and manage advertising in volume (or manage numerous Facebook pages).

It’s a lot easier to use than Power Editor, but it still contains everything you need to manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.
However, Instagram only supports a subset of these goals, so you’ll have to pick one of the following:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Improve your website’s sales results.
  • Obtain downloads of your app.
  • Accumulate views on your video.

If you’ve ever made Facebook advertisements before, the process for determining your target demographic and allocating funds will be familiar.

Here are the steps to take if this is your first time advertising on the site. Then, add the picture or photos you wish to use in your Instagram ad on the “Ad Creative” tab.

You can’t “boost” or otherwise promote an existing post like you can on Facebook; instead, you’ll need to make a brand new one.
Select “Remove” next to every option other than “Instagram” unless you also want your ad to appear on Facebook. The next step is to write your advertisement’s copy and decide on a call to action.

The next step is to click “Place Order,” and your ad will be reviewed by Facebook within 24 hours.

Ads that get results: how to make them

Although Instagram advertisements are simple to make, getting good results from them may be challenging. Some suggestions for improving your Instagram ads:

Try to keep the text to a minimum

Instagram advertisements, like Facebook ads, are limited to 20% text coverage. Using Facebook’s Grid Tool, you can quickly verify this. Your image will be rejected if it does not meet these criteria.

Think about setting minimum ages

Is your commercial for booze, a dating site, gambling, vitamins, or a monthly membership service? If so, be sure you’re just advertising to those who can legally buy what you’re selling. Your ad will be rejected if it does not adhere to Facebook’s policy on prohibited or mature material.

It would be counterproductive to target minors with advertising.

Have a look at Facebook’s list of forbidden posts

Drugs, cigarettes, guns, and adult items and services cannot be advertised on Facebook or Instagram. Furthermore, all advertisements must adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards.

This means they can’t make false claims about someone’s age, colour, religion, sexual orientation, etc., or contain any anything that violates copyrights or is otherwise offensive.

Make use of enticing visuals

It’s apparent that you need eye-catching visuals if you want your campaign to succeed, but it bears repeating. Instagram is a visual platform, therefore users’ feeds are constantly updated with new images. Your ad must be noticeable if you want people to stop and check it out.

You should take the effort to shoot (or hire someone to photograph) your items or services in an engaging fashion rather than merely recycling a picture from another campaign.

This will take more work at first, but it will pay off in the long term by making your adverts more effective.