Right Now, These Are The Most Popular Brands On Instagram

Instagram is more than simply a place to post pictures of your breakfast than what you may have gathered from your friends’ feeds. Recent statistics show that of Instagram’s 100 million daily active users, 90% follow at least one brand.

You’ll notice in the following part that all the listed brands easily cater to these requirements, which explains why they have so many fans and so many comments.

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The Mother of All

Raising children in today’s digital-first society presents its own set of difficulties, as does dealing with ex-laws and extended family amid a global epidemic. The Each Mom is an all-inclusive lifestyle brand aimed squarely at this demographic.

U.S.A. Bolden

Instagram is a visual sharing platform. This implies that a user might be inundated with photos within minutes of joining Instagram.

This Black Girl Is Broke

Financial planning is like going to the gym. In order to succeed, you must be self-motivated, have access to the appropriate resources, practise self-discipline, and set attainable goals. The Broke Black Girl is one of the most popular businesses on Instagram because she serves as a helpful mentor to her followers.

Timepieces That Can Be Teleported

This high-end watchmaker is famous for producing timepieces that are both fashionable and sturdy, making them ideal for both everyday use and formal situations. This Instagram company, however, makes the cut because of the consistent interest in its updated take on a timeless item.

Despite not having millions of followers, Teleport Watches has built a dedicated fan base on Instagram. It’s one of the lesser-known Instagram companies we represent, but its interaction and impact more than make up for its little size.

Blacks Make Up A Majority On Netflix

Here we have a brand has successfully established its own identity while maintaining ties to its parent company.

Screencaps and snippets from Netflix originals starring or directed by people of African descent make up the bulk of the brand’s Instagram feed. They know what’s popular and provide information that’s timely and appropriate for the season, holidays, and trending themes.

In addition to praising well-known TV individuals, Strong Black Lead also encourages podcasts and videos uploaded to its own YouTube channel.

Rancho Califia

Do not visit Califia Farms’ Instagram if you are now experiencing hunger.

Photos of meals made using Califia Farms’ ingredients, from pancakes and lovely cream to crab dip and fettuccine alfredo, provide the business a distinct visual identity.

The brand proudly displays its wares in every visual content. You can typically spot it in the picture, either as the focal point or further back in the composition.

The Iris Soul

Anima Iris is just one of many firms that has discovered Instagram’s secret sauce.

The CEO of Anima Iris, Wilglory Tanjong, uses Instagram Stories to give her followers an inside look into the business of making high-end handbags, which she hopes will make them feel more invested in the company.

You can also expect to see user-generated material like Q&As, polls, and videos, all of which have contributed to the company’s success in cultivating an engaged online community and winning over new customers.

Constance’s Cooking Class

There is no shortage of culinary motivation on Facebook or Instagram, but Cooking With Constance adds a nonjudgmental focus on health and fitness to the mix. For this reason, the brand’s page gained over 10,000 new followers in only a few short weeks.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill vegan brand that draws comparisons between vegan and nonvegan diets and lives. Cooking with Constance, on the other hand, features hearty and healthful meals that even the most dedicated carnivores would appreciate.

Singing sensation Lorna Jane

How would you characterise your company’s brand if it were a living, breathing human being? The Instagram posts of Australian sportswear brand Lorna Jane provide a fantastic response to this crucial branding challenge.


The husband-and-wife team behind Letterfolk makes and sells exquisite felt letterboards. Each letterboard features a whole alphabet, allowing users to make unique wall displays for their homes.

Condominium Counseling

If you need therapy and find comfort in looking at pictures of warm, inviting houses, follow Apartment Therapy on Instagram.

A Second Sunday

Another tiny business with a strong online presence is Sunday II Sunday.

The company markets its products as “haircare for active women,” so naturally its messaging centres on the benefits of leading an active lifestyle and the practicalities of maintaining one.


When I look through Tentsile’s Instagram feed, the word “stunning” is the first thing comes to me.

Tree tents, or “portable treehouses,” like the ones sold by Tentsile may greatly improve the quality of any camping trip. Its Instagram feed is loaded with stunning photographs of its items in natural settings all around the world, such as woods, mountains, and beaches. In a word, it.


When you visit the Instagram feed for Swedish online art print firm Desenio, the first thing you’ll notice is the use of colour blocking.

The seamless integration of one image into the next makes for a very pleasing overall design that keeps you on the page.

The company is careful to maintain its visual identity even while using user-generated material. When consumers see your brand’s image in any context, they should immediately recognise it as belonging to your company.


The official Vans Instagram account maintains the brand’s reputation for fashion-forward footwear.

The Instagram account of Vans, the company most known for its iconic checkerboard slip-on sneakers, is both visually arresting and informative.