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How To Handle Social Media Negative Comments?

When it comes to a company’s social media presence, negative feedback and comments are more the rule than the exception. Negative comments are inevitable when thousands of consumers are following your social media profiles.

Your internet trustworthiness is primarily determined by how you respond to bad remarks, whether they come from a disappointed customer or the victim of a misunderstanding.

Some of the most well-known and respected consumer companies in the world have set the standard for how to respond to online criticism. By emulating their actions, we may get insight into how to deal with criticism before it causes irreparable damage to our online standing. We’ll also take a glance at a few of the top review management solutions that simplify your work and help you do a better job of managing reviews.

The best way to respond to trolls on social media.

Avoid ignoring criticism.

Ignoring criticisms is the worst thing you can do for your company’s reputation. It will only serve to further infuriate an already-displeased customer with your company.

Whether the comment is nice, bad, or neutral, you should respond to it. Brand development cannot occur without consistent public relations efforts. It improves your communication with your fan base. It is essential to use social media monitoring tools like Agorapulse, SocialPilot, etc. to keep track of every mention and remark. Agorapulse’s pricing shifts toward the expensive, and it has a few usability issues as well. If you’re looking for an option to Agorapulse, here are few to consider.

It might be difficult to take criticism well if you manage a business that you care deeply about. But you’ll need a smart approach to deal with it. Otherwise, irate consumers may flood review sites with fresh criticism, further damaging your company’s reputation.

Sincerely apologize

One must constantly put the needs of the consumer first. It’s still courteous to apologise, even if you don’t agree with the consumer. In order to end the conflict, something must occur.

A corporate representative should provide a public apology if the firm was involved in a media controversy that resulted in numerous bad news stories, comments, and reviews. You should put out a statement saying, “Sorry for the regrettable error,” on behalf of the company’s CEO or founder.

Make no empty promises.

If it is not your standard policy to replace items or issue refunds in the event of consumer dissatisfaction, you should not make such assurances to placate an angry client. Check the situation out by doing some analysis. Then, walk the client through the steps you’ll take to resolve the issue.

Check out this illustration. Starbucks doesn’t immediately distribute free coffee or other perks in response to bad feedback found on social media. The consumer is encouraged to contact support to determine who was at fault.

Be courteous

It’s not easy to remain level-headed in the face of hostility and insults. To protect your reputation, though, you must be kind. Don’t use words, period, even if your clients do. It won’t help you in any way to resolve the issue at hand.

Because your regulars would lose faith in your business if they witness you treating other clients rudely. Try to keep your cool and respond in a courteous and polite manner.

Shield it from the limelight

Relocating the argument away from social media may help end the issue. Request that the consumer get in touch with you through email, direct message, or phone.

Don’t get into a word fight with other commenters. When clients feel aggravated, they are more likely to respond with a flood of bad feedback about your company. Therefore, having a private conversation about the issue is necessary to salvage your company’s reputation.

Unique, Personal, and Effective

Automatic responses are disliked by customers. Therefore, it is recommended that you make an effort to tailor your message and demonstrate empathy. View this screenshot for further clarification. Unlike some other airlines, Delta Air Lines’ emails are written by real people. This illustrates the firm’s serious interest in serving its clientele.

Quickly respond

Avoid keeping an irate client waiting for an answer. In case of unfavourable feedback, please respond within two hours. To avoid giving the impression that you don’t care about your clientele, always respond promptly. In addition, no one will value your efforts at avoiding or resolving disagreement. As a customer-focused company, Pizza Hut is committed to promptly resolving any issues that may arise.

Justify your position

The failure to provide explanations to clients is a common error made by businesses. As a result, dissatisfaction among customers is high. Always be sure to detail what went wrong and how your business fixed it. Demonstrate the lengths to which your organization has gone to ensure client happiness. If you follow these steps, you should see improved outcomes.

In addition, you should make it clear to your followers that the firm is not responsible for every problem they may have. Assume, for illustration, that a flight is cancelled because of inclement weather. The airline should not be held responsible for the passengers’ tardiness.

Streaming Live on TikTok: The Ultimate Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to learn how to broadcast live on TikTok? You’ve struck gold.

Going live is a terrific method to boost interaction and exposure, and it can also be a lot of fun and bring people closer together in the app in real time.

TikTok Lives may be used in an infinite variety of ways, such as to share BTS material, host Q&As, or promote impending product releases.

Here is a step-by-step guide to going live on TikTok, as well as 10 best practises, directly from TikTok HQ to help you get started.

TikTok Live – Definition:

TikTok Live is a function that allows users to interact with their viewers in real-time through video.
TikTok Lives provide marketers and creators with a new method to engage a wider audience and interact with their current one through everything from culinary demonstrations to cosmetics instructions.

Plus, viewers may tip producers during live broadcasts by sending virtual gifts that can be redeemed for real money (more on that later).

In-Depth Instructions on Going Live on TikTok

To air at last! In just four steps, you may make your debut in the real world:

  • First, launch TikTok and hit the “+” camera symbol to go live:
  • Click the “LIVE” button on the screen’s bottom navigation bar in Step 2.
  • Step 3: Pick a picture, give your livestream a name (you can always modify this), decide on a subject (this is completely optional), and decide what you hope to accomplish with it.
  • Step #4: The moment you hit “Go LIVE,” your followers will be alerted that you’ve gone live:
  • Stop recording at any time by clicking the “X” in the upper left corner of the screen to end the live broadcast.

You may change the orientation of the camera while broadcasting, apply filters to user comments, and even bring on moderators (up to 20).

To broadcast live on TikTok, how many fans do you need?

Not everyone is welcome to participate in TikTok’s Live function.

TikTok’s live style necessitates two things from its users:

Creators and companies must be at least 18 years old.

The minimum number of followers is 1,000.

Is There a Way to Monetize TikTok Live?

In a nutshell, sure.

Presents is a tool that allows viewers to show their support for you as you host a live video by sending you virtual gifts that can be redeemed for money.

Brands and artists may promote their goods and generate significant revenues during TikTok Lives.

Half of all TikTok users have bought something after being inspired by a TikTok Live.

If you don’t feel confident enough to conduct your own TikTok Live, corporations and businesses may still sponsor a creator’s Live and reach an already engaged audience. Cha-ching.

Strategies for Streaming on TikTok

The following are some suggestions from TikTok to keep in mind while crafting your Live approach so that your content may shine:

One of the Best Methods: Scheduling
Start broadcasting live when people in your target demographic are most likely to be using the service.

If you want to increase your chances of being included on TikTok’s For You page, streaming while the app is actively being scrolled is your best bet.

If you want to know when your app’s users are most active, bookmark this page. When You Should Upload Videos to TikTok in 2023

Second-Best Practice: Timing
Lives may last as long as you like, but 30 minutes seems to be the sweet spot, according to TikTok.

Tip #3: Keep Moving
Put up a video preview before you start broadcasting live. If someone watches your video when it’s streaming live, they’ll be able to access your stream with a simple click of an icon.

Lighting is the fourth best practise because it may make a huge impact in the overall quality of your film.

Set up your Live broadcast in a well-lit space, either using natural light or a ring light.

Sound is your friend

Try to limit the amount of ambient noise.

The best way to ensure your audience can hear you well is to broadcast from a location free of background noise.

Internet Connection, Best Practice No. 6

Hosting a successful broadcast requires a constant connection to the Internet.

Purchasing high-quality products and doing thorough testing before to launch are essential.

Principle 7: Optimize Your Camera’s Perspective

If you move around too much while streaming, you can get motion sickness.

Get your phone or camera into a fixed position and leave it there for the length of the broadcast.

Advised Method No. 8: Map It Out

While a script isn’t required for a live stream, having a game plan in place may help you remain on track and engage your audience.

Using cue cards or outlining a sequence of talking topics will help you stay on target.

Tip #9: Keep Your Listeners Interested

The most exciting element of doing a TikTok Live is chatting with your viewers in real time.

Keeping an eye on the conversation and responding to questions, comments, and requests can help you build rapport with your audience.

Tip #10: Moderate Your Live Content creators may moderate their streams by filtering comments, silencing commenters, and blocking viewers. We bid you farewell, trolls.

Going live is a powerful tool for building your brand’s reputation, attracting new customers, and closing sales.

More significantly, though, it facilitates personal interaction within the local community.

Put yourself out there by going live on TikTok and enjoying the attention you receive.

How To Sharpen Your SEO Efforts To Gain Potential Traffic For Your Business

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SEO known as Search Engine Optimization is a separate world for marketers that excites them every day. Google frequently provides a lot of changes in the ranking algorithm. So the SEO strategy also changes according to the algorithm efforts. If your website gains lesser traffic than previous months, improve your SEO techniques to gain higher traffic. 

Use the best SEO techniques for your website routes to gain organic traffic with search presence on search results. Direct traffic is an important metric for all online businesses to increase their revenue.

In this article, we are going to find the SEO factors responsible for driving higher traffic to your website.

1. Implement Right Content

Attain the SEO improvement in your website by updating or publishing fresh content regularly. Creating great and informative content routes to buy guest post backlinks cheap for your website. The quality links with engaging content have the higher potential to reach great audiences.

Aim at the optimization of your website content with the following tips:

  • Include your primary and secondary keywords with the right search volume on your titles and description.
  • Fix a sufficient word count in all your web pages.
  • Ensure that your content contains a higher readability score.
  • Provide attractive meta tags and titles. 

2. Maintain A Flawless Experience To Users

SEO is essential to optimize your page to the view of audiences. In addition, people look for engaging content with unique information about your business. When a potential user finds your content interesting, they spread your brand voice among wider audiences. 

How will you optimize your page and increase user experience? Here enter the SEO efforts. Build high-quality content and unique content with quality guest post backlinks from authority sites. Also, maintain a good page loading speed to stay back your visitors on your site.

3. Boost Your Dwell Time

Dwell time is the duration that a user spends on your page viewing your site information. A great user experience routes to increase dwell time with higher traffic. Since Google updates its algorithm most frequently, you must work hard to stay with your audiences on the site.

Include internal links with great anchors to increase the stability of audiences on your page. The happy users on your site provide signs for Google to improve ranking on search results. Dwell time remains SEO-friendly and lifts the user experience.

4. Optimize Your Headline

People move into your site if the title on search results is apt and attractive to your target audiences. Before creating a headline, find the interest of your target audiences and the right keyword with search volume. 

Then, prepare an eye-catching, SEO-friendly headline tag by following the below tips:

  • A keyword-stuffed heading to beat your competitions
  • A short, SEO-friendly title that explains to audiences about your page

When people use the search term on Google searches, your title remains the greatest path to find your site for your audiences. So, it is necessary to include keywords on headlines to drive huge audiences.

5. Repurpose Your Existing Content

Your old content on your website will already have an authority score from Google. But people always look for fresh and informative content. Rather than creating new content for your page, you can boost the performance of your existing post by refreshing the old content.

The content with an update has a higher tendency to reach audiences and provide huge traffic for your website. Expanding the word count of your page to a minimum of 1000 words performs better.

6. Invest Your Time In Content

Building quality links is the identity to add authority to your site. Get backlinks from cheap link-building service routes to budget-friendly SEO techniques that scale your content to huge audiences. Success in content marketing comes when you invest your time in making unique, informative, and useful content.

Make better content with attractive images and increase your brand popularity to a greater level.


SEO forces every business and brand to implement in their websites since the online competition grows day by day. The above interesting points help to succeed in your SEO efforts and gain greater traffic. 

Adapt to the Google algorithm and maintain your site on the top ranking to increase the CTR for your website.

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How To Top-Rank Your Instagram Reels With The Right Algorithm

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Are you waiting for the miracle to happen on your Instagram account? Grab the opportunity by using the Instagram reels feature. Creating reel videos enhances your engagement rate and brings popularity to your account.

However, most business owners and marketers follow the working Instagram algorithm to post content that increases the chance of reaching more people. The same applies to get responses on your reels. Follow the right algorithm from the below hacks and boost your audience’s engagement by targeting your potential followers.

By diving into the below article, identify how the Instagram reels algorithm works to enhance your engagement rate.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are an exciting feature to share the short form of videos for about 15 to 60 seconds. Though the reels feature appears the same as Instagram stories, many key differences exist. Your reel video will be present permanently on your account. Moreover, users can view deep insights of reel videos, including the number of times your audience views, shares, or saves your videos.

A Short-History Of Reels Feature

Instagram launched the Reels feature in the year 2020, grabbing millions of audiences’ attention. And in June 2021, Instagram revealed the Reels ads feature for the length of 30 seconds that helps marketers to gain likes, views, and shares from target audiences.

With about one billion active users, Instagram introduces more reels features to help businesses reach their target audiences and make their products or services popular. 

Here, you can get the points to utilize reels by approaching your potential audiences with the right content and driving more sales.

How Does The Reels Algorithm Work?

Following the right algorithm curates your reels’ performance and tends to display your content on the Explore page. Moreover, the Instagram algorithm takes your previous interactions in your different content, including likes, shares, views, comments, and saves. Therefore, the reels algorithm considers how long you engage with your audiences.

Though the Instagram algorithm keeps on changing, ensure your reel content contains a better user experience. If you want to make your reels display among your target audiences, first detect their interest and create videos accordingly.

Reels Ranking Factors

Instagram designed reels mainly for entertainment purposes. The algorithm displays reels videos from both your following and unfollowing accounts according to your interest.

Here are some predictions about the Reels algorithm that helps you to follow:

  • User’s Activity: The algorithm notices the things in your reels videos, such as the reels you liked and the comments you left and engaged recently. Using this signal, the algorithm displays the relevant reels on your page.
  • Interaction History: Like the Explore page, if a user keeps on interacting with your reels content, the algorithm considers it a positive sign and shows your reels to them to get increased views and likes for your videos. Showing relevant content to the audiences will certainly get more people to like your reels on Instagram and paves way for  greater engagement.
  • Info About The Reel: Providing information about your content within the reels video enhances the signal to audiences about the audio track, video pixels, and the idea in the whole frame to increase its popularity.
  • Details About The Person Posting Reels: Publishing reels will bring popularity to your account at one point of time. So, the algorithm takes the information about the person who posted reels to help to gain popularity. The more engagement you gain for reels videos, the more likely to show your reels to wider audiences.

Key Outcomes To Consider While Creating Reels

Get success for your reels videos by serving your engaging content to target audiences to enhance your video rank. Focusing on the following three ranking factors helps to create successful reels videos that generate greater results. 

So, while creating reels videos, aim for:

  • Relevance: Instagram considers your topics and subjects, which helps to understand your target audiences to generate leads that convert.
  • Timeliness: Instagram always favors displaying new content. So, creating a consistent schedule to post your reels will tend to get more views for your engaging reels videos.
  • Improving relationship: The reels feature gains engagement for your engaging content and provides an opportunity to engage audiences with your content. So publishing exciting content creates a strong relationship with your audiences.

Final Thought

Instagram reels continue to grow their popularity among users and help brands succeed. So, ensure your reel content contains exciting and entertaining content to attract your target audiences and generate qualified leads with greater audience engagement. Make use of the above tips to top-rank your reels video faster.

6 Best Video Ideas To  Grow Followers On TikTok

TikTok is emerging as one of the most powerful social media platforms, with more than one billion active users. With greater user engagement, creators find TikTok the best platform to grow their popularity. To stand out from the crowd, TikTok creators use different content ideas to make their content unique.

Now, the popularity of TikTok is growing in 150 countries globally with amazing short and entertaining videos. TikTok has become an excellent platform for users to showcase their talent with creative ideas. 

Are you the one who needs to increase your follower count and engagement rate on TikTok? Get into the tips below to achieve your brand goals and boost your follower’s growth.

Ready to get inspired with content ideas? Let’s take a look!

1. Prepare Tutorial Videos

Do you want to go viral on TikTok fast? The content idea to grab more followers is to create tutorial videos that reveal your potential. Tutorial videos keep your TikTok audiences engaging and interesting throughout the video. You can get a huge success if you deliver the steps in just 60 seconds. 

It is best to provide educational videos like makeup tutorials, cooking videos, product demos, etc., to get your audience’s attention and boost your audience count.

2. Show Your Work Routine

The best video idea to stick your target audiences on your TikTok video is to showcase your routine activities to users. Allow them to drive into the insights like your daily routines and activities you perform in your private life. Your productivity or any kind of your daily activities can inspire your audiences to get connected with you.

Therefore, deliver your daily routine in a fun, exciting, and inspiring way that attracts more users to follow you to learn something new.

3. Create Hashtag Challenges

Surprisingly, the most successful brands on TikTok captured more audiences by utilizing the power of hashtags. Run hashtag challenges on your own to increase your fame on the TikTok channel. If you want to boost the popularity of your hashtag challenge, find the best place to buy TikTok likes for your video and get immense reach among potential audiences.  Also, joining the trending hashtag challenge will boost your brand visibility with audience growth. 

4. Combine With Influencers

TikTok influencers publish videos with authentic information that increases brand credibility. Partnering with influencers is a great idea to showcase your content to wider audiences and increase your brand trust. 

Approach the potential influencers relevant to your niche and invite them to either participate in your video or allow them to publish content relevant to your niche for getting responses from more potential audiences.

5. Reveal Your Product Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for brands to attain faster growth. TikTok provides the opportunity that lets the actual customers provide reviews of a particular product, as the UGC video. If your goal on TikTok is to expand your follower count, revealing the customer reviews for your product helps to boost the crowd around your TikTok account.

Moreover, product reviews are one of the best content ideas to get loyal followers. Also, explaining your product in an effective and engaging way creates huge trust and achieves greater engagement.

6. Run Contests

The most engaging way to attract more followers on TikTok is to run contests and giveaways. First, create your profile with the information that suits your goal. Then, start to run contests with exciting concepts to attract your target audiences. Use unique hashtags with some rules and regulations in your contest and offer some eye-catchy gifts for the one who wins the contest.

At last, ask your participants to share your video with their audiences, thus increasing your brand reach.


The perfect TikTok video ideas will help your content go viral faster. While creating videos, keep your goal in mind to make an excellent video. The above content ideas in making your TikTok video seem to be the starting point to increase your brand awareness. Succeed in reaching your target audiences with the effective and unique videos on your TikTok account.