Author: Ralph Howard

Instagram’s Activity Status And How To Disable It

Be wary of your pals seeing the last time you were online on Instagram, a function available on the popular photo-sharing app.

Instagram’s “Activity Status” feature is similar to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp’s in that it displays the last time you used the app. Your account currently has it disabled by default, but you should probably enable it anyway. read more

What Is Backlink And Why It Is Important For Your Business?

Building links takes a lot of time and effort but can pay off in the end. Getting your website recognised in a crowded online market is getting harder and more as Google keeps switching up its algorithm for natural search results. Not very shocking, to be honest. Google must only provide the searcher the best possible results. Your website must be relevant, useful, and exactly what the user is looking for. read more

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Improving Your Instagram Stories Using Data Analysis

Understanding Instagram analytics, also known as Insights, is a crucial first step for any marketer planning to expand their brand’s presence on the photo-sharing app. Analytics data for individual articles, Stories, Reels, films, Live videos, and more are all at your fingertips. With this data at your disposal, you’ll be able to fine-tune your content strategy, boost engagement with your core audience, expand your reach, and much more. read more