6 Best Video Ideas To  Grow Followers On TikTok

TikTok is emerging as one of the most powerful social media platforms, with more than one billion active users. With greater user engagement, creators find TikTok the best platform to grow their popularity. To stand out from the crowd, TikTok creators use different content ideas to make their content unique.

Now, the popularity of TikTok is growing in 150 countries globally with amazing short and entertaining videos. TikTok has become an excellent platform for users to showcase their talent with creative ideas. 

Are you the one who needs to increase your follower count and engagement rate on TikTok? Get into the tips below to achieve your brand goals and boost your follower’s growth.

Ready to get inspired with content ideas? Let’s take a look!

1. Prepare Tutorial Videos

Do you want to go viral on TikTok fast? The content idea to grab more followers is to create tutorial videos that reveal your potential. Tutorial videos keep your TikTok audiences engaging and interesting throughout the video. You can get a huge success if you deliver the steps in just 60 seconds. 

It is best to provide educational videos like makeup tutorials, cooking videos, product demos, etc., to get your audience’s attention and boost your audience count.

2. Show Your Work Routine

The best video idea to stick your target audiences on your TikTok video is to showcase your routine activities to users. Allow them to drive into the insights like your daily routines and activities you perform in your private life. Your productivity or any kind of your daily activities can inspire your audiences to get connected with you.

Therefore, deliver your daily routine in a fun, exciting, and inspiring way that attracts more users to follow you to learn something new.

3. Create Hashtag Challenges

Surprisingly, the most successful brands on TikTok captured more audiences by utilizing the power of hashtags. Run hashtag challenges on your own to increase your fame on the TikTok channel. If you want to boost the popularity of your hashtag challenge, find the best place to buy TikTok likes for your video and get immense reach among potential audiences.  Also, joining the trending hashtag challenge will boost your brand visibility with audience growth. 

4. Combine With Influencers

TikTok influencers publish videos with authentic information that increases brand credibility. Partnering with influencers is a great idea to showcase your content to wider audiences and increase your brand trust. 

Approach the potential influencers relevant to your niche and invite them to either participate in your video or allow them to publish content relevant to your niche for getting responses from more potential audiences.

5. Reveal Your Product Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for brands to attain faster growth. TikTok provides the opportunity that lets the actual customers provide reviews of a particular product, as the UGC video. If your goal on TikTok is to expand your follower count, revealing the customer reviews for your product helps to boost the crowd around your TikTok account.

Moreover, product reviews are one of the best content ideas to get loyal followers. Also, explaining your product in an effective and engaging way creates huge trust and achieves greater engagement.

6. Run Contests

The most engaging way to attract more followers on TikTok is to run contests and giveaways. First, create your profile with the information that suits your goal. Then, start to run contests with exciting concepts to attract your target audiences. Use unique hashtags with some rules and regulations in your contest and offer some eye-catchy gifts for the one who wins the contest.

At last, ask your participants to share your video with their audiences, thus increasing your brand reach.


The perfect TikTok video ideas will help your content go viral faster. While creating videos, keep your goal in mind to make an excellent video. The above content ideas in making your TikTok video seem to be the starting point to increase your brand awareness. Succeed in reaching your target audiences with the effective and unique videos on your TikTok account.