How Can You Use Social Media Listening To Aid In Crisis Management?

Every major company has to deal with the difficulty of defending its name at some point. How can brands best handle crises, and why do some fall victim to negative publicity while others recover?

Apple’s year didn’t get off to a good start when, at the beginning of January, a story titled “Apple’s biggest scandal of 2022 is already happening” was published by TechCrunch, one of the most popular digital media outlets. AirTag, a sensor that can locate misplaced items like keys, luggage, and more, was the inspiration for this piece. This story marked the beginning of Apple’s public image problem. read more

The Media And Entertainment Industries Face The Top 6 Social Media Threats

To maintain a competitive edge in today’s market, businesses in highly publicised sectors, media and entertainment included, must focus their marketing efforts where their target audiences spend the most time online: on social media. However, although exposure has been a game-changer for PR, advertising, sales, and HR departments, it has an entirely different connotation in the contexts of risk and compliance. read more

Here Are 6 Ways To Offer Outstanding Social Support And Increase Customer Loyalty

In the past, if a customer was upset, you lost them and maybe some of their friends who heard about it through word of mouth.
If you make a client mad nowadays, you not only lose that customer but also his 6,000 Twitter followers who watched his rant. And your company’s reputation will suffer from the public disgrace and opprobrium for quite some time. read more

8 Effective Strategies To Boost Your Social Media Presence

Is enhancing your online profile a goal of yours? You may be a social media no-show despite having several profiles.

This could cause issues like:

You have a meagre following on social media. You keep updating your status or tweeting, but nobody seems to be reading it.
Fans… but hardly much interaction. Your posts rarely even receive a “like,” let alone a share or a remark.
Disappointing feedback. It’s possible that you’re receiving feedback regarding how promotional your posts are.
Here are 8 strategies to boost your online profile without spending a tonne of time on it. read more